How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Looking to add carpet to your home or simply replace it? To get the best out of your decisions, you must learn about the various styles, quality, and materials to choose from. Not only is this important in your decision but also determine the costs of maintenance over time.

Here’s how to choose the right carpet for your home.

Compare Options

Shopping for a carpet is just like shopping for any home renovation or large purchase. It takes a large financial investment, especially when you plan to add carpet to more than one area in your home. Make sure to grab inspiration and compare your options.

Consider the Carpet Fibers

There are four common fibers that are used in most carpets today. Nylon is known to outperform all other fibers due to its resilience, durability, and easy maintenance. If you want your carpet to last longer than a decade, be sure to choose quality fibers like nylon.

Other choices include Triexta, polyester, olefin. Triexta is a new fiber that comes from corn sugar. It has anti-stain properties and great for areas with high traffic. The Polyester fiber is also a stain resistance material that is both luxurious and soft. For an inexpensive choice, olefin has a strong fiber that resists fades.

Look for Quality Carpet

Consider the density of the fiber. The general range is from 20 to 80 as the higher the number, the tougher the carpet. Alwaysopt for a 10-year warranty as this will cover the texture retention and damage. Keep in mind for manufacturers who boast of their 25-year warranties as they don’t always honor damage, except for defects.

Get the Best Deal have each carpet option estimated to help you compare deals. Make sure not to discuss details about other bids you have received as each carpet will include a flooring diagram and quote for each aspect of the job.


Determine the quality of the carpet by choosing the density of the pad. The right pad will help prolong the lifespan and reduce the maintenance experience in the long run.