A Neat Appearance Isn’t Why You Should Keep Your Carpets Clean

Just about everyone can agree that carpets ought to be vacuumed. A carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed recently can look unkempt and unsightly, covered in the tiny pieces of debris that we constantly track into our homes. In contrast, a just-vacuumed looks neat and clean – even the telltale pattern of the vacuum’s up and down path can be pleasing.

Maintaining a neat appearance is what drives most of us to vacuum regularly. But appearance isn’t everything. In fact, appearance isn’t the most important reason to keep your carpets clean. A much more important reason is your health. Carpets that aren’t vacuumed and cleaned regularly can capture a wide range of substances that are just plain unhealthy for you and your family.

Think of all of the places you and your pets go each day. How many surfaces do you walk over that you would rather not touch? You and your pets track in grime from these surfaces every day: Oils, dirt, germs, pollen, mold, feces, chemicals, cleaners, bacteria, and more. Your carpet gathers them all. And you and your family and your pets don’t just walk on that carpet – you live on it, and breathe it in. If you’re suffering from asthma or allergies, your carpet could very well be the cause.

Your first line of defense against everything you bring into your home is your vacuum. When you vacuum regularly, you keep dirt and debris and allergens and toxins from penetrating deeper into your carpet. But make no mistake: Vacuuming won’t pick up everything. Every week, substances will be left behind to sink deeper into your carpet fibers – too deep for your vacuum to reach. Removing these requires a more powerful solution: a professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is generally a much more intensive process than vacuuming. Specialized cleaning solutions are used to break down substances trapped in the carpet fibers. Powerful brushes work the fibers, helping to free up trapped materials. Then powerful suction devices are used to pull up all of the loosened dust and oils and allergens that we’d rather not be touching or breathing.

Because carpet cleaning is an intensive process, it’s not something we should do as regularly as vacuuming; regular cleanings (and the relatively harsh brushing and suction) would cause premature wear on the carpet. But cleaning should be performed on a schedule; the generally accepted best practice is schedule a deep, professional carpet cleaning once a year.

If it’s been more than a year since you had your carpets cleaned, now is the perfect time to schedule a cleaning. Your house will look cleaner and more inviting. But more importantly, you’ll be doing something to improve the health and well-being of you and your family. And in the meantime – don’t stop vacuuming!